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How To Fix the Broken Charger Port of an iPhone?

The charging port of your iPhone might get damaged due to regular wear and tear. If it breaks, it will be hard for you to charge your iPhone. But there is nothing to worry about, there are lots of brands that offer iPhone charging port repair. But before jumping to conclusions, we must assess the kind of damage.

Analyze the Damage

There are two kinds of damage that can happen to your iPhone’s charger port- Software and Hardware. Software issues can be easily solved by simple troubleshooting methods, whereas Hardware issues can only be solved by expert technicians of a good phone repair service company. In this article, we will discuss both these issues and what steps we can take.

Ways to Solve iPhone Charging Port Issues by Yourself

1. Clean the charger port– Dust or debris can often get inside the charging port of your iPhone. Usually, that happens after you have used your iPhone for a long time. You should make sure of this before arriving at the conclusion that your charging port has stopped working. You can either blow inside the charging port and also use compressed air to clean the charging port.

2. Check whether your charger is functioning – If you are trying to charge your iPhone and find out that it is not charging, you should not panic because the problem can be with your charger instead of the charging port. So, make sure your charging cord is not damaged or frayed. If your charger is not working with any other iPhone, then the problem is with the charger itself. You should consider replacing the charger, but don’t buy a duplicate one.

3. Restart the phone and update – Minor glitches in the software can easily be solved by a simple Restart. It can also solve the issue of a charging port glitch. Also, make sure that your iPhone is updated. Such problems can be caused if you have not updated your iPhone with the latest iOS that is needed for it to work properly.

4. Make sure the charger is original – There are lots of duplicate and cheap iPhone chargers that you can find online or offline. Sometimes people buy duplicate chargers if the original one has somehow gotten damaged. Duplicate chargers can often cause your charging port to malfunction, so you should always buy the original that is available at any Apple Store.

5. Check Battery health – Your iPhone’s battery health is also important for it to function properly. If your charging port is not working, then you should check the battery health of your iPhone from the Settings menu. If it takes a lot of time for your iPhone to charge to 100 per cent, then you should get it checked and replace the battery.

What Should You Do If Your Charging Port is Damaged or Broken?

Your iPhone’s charging port might be damaged or broken. The charging port of your iPhone might get damaged due to water, rain or snow. Make sure that there are no cracks near the charging port. If you are sure that the charging port is broken, then refrain from using any DIY tactics available online.

1. Contact the Apple Store- If your phone is still under the warranty period, then you should consider getting it repaired by the professionals of the Apple Store. They are well skilled and have the right equipment to solve the issue with your iPhone’s charging port. They can also get it replaced. If you have purchased Apple Care, then you do not have to worry at all, as any hardware problem with your iPhone can be solved at absolutely zero cost.

2. Find out the best shops that provide iPhone repair service– Some several brands and companies provide the best professional service for iPhone repair in London. Do not try to open parts by yourself by watching videos online. You can get your faulty iPhone charging port repaired by a trained professional at an affordable rate. The experts at Mobile Junction are one of the best in London (Ontario) as they provide the best smartphone repair solutions at a low rate.

To conclude, you must always get your iPhone’s charging port replaced by a trained professional or service repair shop if it is broken or damaged. If you live in London (Ontario), then Mobile Junction is one of the best brands that provide services for phone repair in London and, they offer quality services at the best value for your money.

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