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Guide to Buying a Best Security Antivirus

Nowadays, it does not occur to anyone to connect to the Internet without a good antivirus. This software type has become necessary to be safe in the network and avoid one of the countless hidden threats that can put us in danger. Fortunately, or unfortunately, there are a large number of security companies with their corresponding commercial antivirus. And there are also wars between users who defend iron one or the other. For this reason, the choice of something as crucial as the antivirus of our PC often turns into something complicated.

The primary purpose of our antivirus is to protect us from all types of malware. Nowadays, it is widespread to find all kinds of security suites that, in addition to antivirus, have applications to optimize the computer, empty the recycle bin, play music, a browser-based on Chromium. It is worse a lot of junk software that, in addition to being unnecessary, supposes an extra cost in the suite’s license.

It isn’t effortless to find such an antivirus today. The main alternatives, both free and paid, come with additional tools and functions. One of the main elements that we must look at when choosing a good antivirus is an antivirus. You can have a firewall, of course.

Effectiveness in Eliminating Threats

Another critical point within the known antivirus is the efficiency at the time of detecting and eliminating threats. The best-known security companies offer comprehensive protection against all types of hazards, such as viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, etc.

Also, a good antivirus must have an excellent heuristic system. These systems analyze behavior and can detect still unknown viruses, depending on how the program acts. To this is added a collective mind of information and Artificial Intelligence to have maximum security and protection. All these thanks to the cloud.

Free or paid antivirus? The great dilemma

When choosing an antivirus, the first thing that comes to mind is, is it free or paid? The paid ones, being more expensive, should protect us better, right? Lie.

The security offered by a good paid and free antivirus is usually the same. Almost perfect. However, payment solutions usually bring other security measures, such as a more robust and customizable firewall or better technical support, to be victims of a cyber attack.

If we are to be relatively careful, a free antivirus will be more than enough to keep hackers out of our PC. However, if we want the most incredible peace of mind when it comes to protecting our computer, we must look for a paid antivirus with a good reputation. It offers us an affordable price, meets the needs we have (for example, protect three computers) and, also, it has a reasonable renewal price since every year we will have to go through the box.

If you have a slow computer, you should look for a simple antivirus

Although today’s antivirus has indeed taken great care of resource consumption, they are still applications that are constantly running on our computer, consuming memory and CPU cycles.

If we have a relatively modern computer with an SSD and so on, we will not notice a difference. However, if we have a somewhat old computer with an HDD hard disk, many antiviruses could be catastrophic for the PC’s performance.

But sometimes we need to change our antivirus. We need to unsubscribe and refunds of charges on auto-renewal.

You are not satisfied with your McAfee antivirus package purchase, or you found an alternative antivirus program. You have uninstalled the McAfee program from your computer and now want a refund of the software’s fee. Like other companies, McAfee has a refund policy: You must request a McAfee refund within 30 days of purchasing the McAfee program by contacting the company’s Customer Service Department.


  1. Call the McAfee Customer Service Department at 866-622-3911. Press “3” for “Refund” on your phone once the automated McAfee system begins providing you with options.
  2. Talk to a customer service representative and tell them that you want a refund for the McAfee package that you uninstalled. He might ask you for the email address he used when he first used the McAfee package. They maybe require your order number. This number is with the original invoice/documentation that came with the McAfee package.
  3. Make a note of the customer service representative’s name, any confirmation number he could give you, and the estimated arrival time for your refund check that it indicates. Keep this information in case you miss your refund check and need to call McAfee again.

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