How To Fix the iPhone Screen? Tips To Know

How To Fix the iPhone Screen? Tips To Know

The phone’s screen and the display are something which makes it beautiful. Yes, we often misuse our phone and ten to break the screen of it. But let me remind you very few times will you find that a screen is cracked or broken. Maximum times it is the screen guard. But if somehow for some reason or the other the screen is damaged what to do? Well, nothing to worry about, we are there to help you out. You can visit an iPhone repair store in London or if you wish to do it by yourself that is also possible. Well, I will suggest that if you are on the route to do the iPhone Screen Repair by yourself then please have a chat with Mobile Junction for any query or take help from a YouTube video.

Few Disclaimers that one should keep in mind are:-

  1. Once you get your hand on any iPhone service then the brand is not responsible and all sorts of warranty are declined.
  2. The entire repair kit of the iPhone is available on Amazon you can check out.
  3. If you are availing of the service at a local repair store then also apple brand is not responsible for any damage and the warranty is declined.
  4. This task is not that easy and very risky.

Now let us dive into the part s too how you can repair your iPhone screen without actually availing iPhone repair service. Firstly you can have an appointment with the apple store directly. For that, you need to book your ticket and if they feel that your device needs hardware repair or anything else that cannot be done by you they will fix a pick update for you.

On this day they will come to your place, pick the items and will return you once it is done. This may be a little lengthy process as well as a little costly. This is the way to repair things at apple. Other alternative local options are also available.

But if you are determined to repair it on your own. Here are a few steps you would like to follow:-

  1. Remove all the screws at the base of your phone- Use a screwdriver to do so with a lot of care. A pentalobe screwdriver would work best.
  2. Cover the screen with tape or use a suction cup– Tryan uses a suction cup to collect all the broken screen parts. But if your screen is broken at several parts then use a tap to cover it. This will assist you well and will also prevent you from cutting your fingers.
  3. Apply heat to your screen– Most screens are held very tightly hence applying heat to your iPhone will loosen the screen. Use any heating tool or the tool that comes with the kit. Apart from that, you can have a chat with Mobile Junction for another screen removal option.
  4. Place a suction cup– Place a suction cup and pull the broken parts of the screen. Then after pressing it to the screen pull the suction cup.
  5. Place a pry tool– As the screen starts coming out press a pry tool to all the edges of your iPhone.This must be done very carefully.
  6. Lift the screen– Hold the bottom of the screen and lift it to open the screen. At this point, the screen is still connected with cables hence be careful.
  7. Remove the corner shield– Here you are to remove the corner shield with the help of screws and then release the connector. Both the parts are to be done with a screw. Then as you see the metal plate of the earpiece take a portable screw and remove it.
  8. Remove the home button screen– Here you will need to remove the home button screw and then have to lift a2wat the metal backplate. All these can be done with the help of a portable screw.
  9. Remove the other parts– Life away from the home button and the plate followed by the speaker and microphone. Lastly the iPhone, metal plate.
  10. Insert the new screen- Place the new screen and fix all the items as you have opened it. Finally, press the new screen and it’s done.

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