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Lucky Mobile Sim Card in London, ON | Low-cost Prepaid Sim Near Me

Already have a phone you love? Pair it with a Lucky SIM card and enjoy talking and texting on the Lucky network. It’s simple.

Are you in need of a SIM card in your vicinity and want online delivery without visiting the offline stores? Then you are at the very right place as we are providing one of the best prepaid SIM card service providers in London, Ontario all at your doorstep also with the added benefits of many attractive mobile data plans along with exciting offers and discounts. 

Our customer service Providers are also very well trained to help you in guiding you through the entire procedures of sim taking to activation of the required sim card. You can also be a regular customer by giving your name and required details in the given boxes on our website and getting additional benefits for being a regular customer of our services. Our services provide one of the best Lucky Mobile Sims in London, ON and also with loaded benefits of attractive vouchers and plans.

Canada-Wide Data Only Plan – 500 MB

100 Minutes Canada-wide Calling Plan

Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling Plan - 500 MB

Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling Plan - 2.5GB

Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling Plan - 4.5GB

Unlimited Canada-Wide & US Calling Plan - 10GB

Unlimited Canada-Wide & US Calling Plan - 15GB

Unlimited Canada-Wide & US Calling Plan - 20GB

Unlimited Canada-Wide & US Calling Plan - 10GB

  • SIM Starter Kit includes a Multi SIM Card with Nano, Micro and Standard sizes.
  • SIM can be used to activate a new prepaid line, or as a replacement SIM for prepaid or postpaid customers.
  • Plan must be selected online to access Lucky Mobile’s network. Insert the SIM card and select a plan. Select from Prepaid plans, Lucky plans, or Big Gig Unlimited plans.
  • For use with any Lucky Mobile device or compatible unlocked device. Not sure if your phone is compatible?
  • To activate your SIM card, visit and click “Activate Now”.

Buy Lucky Mobile Sim Card in London, ON

If you are in a search of something like a “prepaid SIM card near me”, then you are at the best place that promises the quench of all your needs to a great extent. You can also buy a lucky mobile SIM card from us through our online portals and then do the necessary formalities required on the websites. You can get your SIM card at your doorsteps at a max of three to five business days.

Buying a lucky mobile SIM card also provides numerous advantages over other service providers all over the country. Prepaid sim cards have also the option of switching from one network to another that has a better signal and bandwidth in your area.

Where to buy a prepaid sim card?

There are also multiple options from where you can buy a prepaid sim card. You can visit all various offline stores as we provide ample auctions related to your desired products or you can also go through our online websites where we have a show cast on the availability of different products that you can go to on our websites. 

If you are already a registered customer then you can also avail some of the best deals and offers ongoing on our products but if you haven’t registered then you can also register by giving your details on our websites. Lucky mobile prepaid sim card can let you forget all your previous sim cards by the running and efficiency of its network service provider with promising customer services.

Why Mobile Junction to Buy Sim Card?

There are multiple reasons for you to choose us and they are:-

  • We provide dedicated customer care services.
  •  We have large channelized outlets throughout the void linking all the major countries.
  •  We also provide the warranty and guarantee of our products.
  • Our services also provide home delivery services.
  • We have large collections of your desired products at convenient rates along with additional offers and benefits.

How to activate the Lucky Mobile Sim Card?

There are various steps and procedures related to the activation of a prepaid SIM card that you need to go through before using the SIM in your mobile phone. Firstly you need to find a SIM card, then you need to require to verify the KYC along with the activation of the access code and then choose related plans. 

Lucky mobile plans have got a huge variety of recharge plans and among which you can choose your most suitable ones like those of unlimited calls and messages and high data limit per day benefits. There are also options like lesser days recharge to an annual recharge available for you to choose your convenient recharge plans.

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